Drei Routen Hause/3 Routes Home


This is a small test for the for a new photography-based work currently under proposal that considers how Berlin has changed since reunification through conversations with Berliners on walks through the city.


This work is created by repeating a walk and the photographic sets produced are exposed together in a single shot. The walks started and finished in exactly the same geographical locations, but there was no attempt during the subsequent walks to synchronize the photography with the first walk; and this has created interesting slippages of time. As the walks are repeated from memory small differences between each walk, such as when a road was crossed, the weather or the configuration of pedestrians has created small but significant visual distortions.


This idea of chance, and a journey repeated and time replayed has been drawn in part from Krzysztof Kieślowski’s 1981 film ‘Blind Chance’ and Tom Tywker’s 1998 Berlin based film Lola Rennt. The project also references Wim Wender’s  Berlin-based diptych Wings of Desire, (1987) and Far Away So Close, (1993) which operate both as a love letter to human experience and a nostalgia for a lost immortality and lost Berlin.